sick leave

The new sick leave provision prevented 400 coronavirus cases per day per state in the U.S., according to the paper from researchers at Cornell University and KOF Swiss Economic Institute in Zurich. That roughly translates to 15,000 cases prevented in the United States, or one prevented COVID-19 case for every 1,300 workers. The researchers did not look at mortality rates.

Paid Sick Leave Significantly Reduces COVID-19 Cases, Study Finds | HuffPost

Now do Literally Every Other Communicable Disease.


healthcare failing

While rural hospitals have been closing at a quickening pace over the past two decades, a number of inner-city hospitals now face a similar fate. And experts fear that the economic damage inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic on safety net hospitals and the ailing finances of the cities and states that subsidize them are helping push some urban hospitals over the edge.

Community Hospitals In Cities Face Escalating Financial Pressures : Shots – Health News : NPR

Reminder that this is happening at the same time insurance companies are posting record profits.

mergers have costs

This is one of the first stories I’ve seen about how merger-friendly regulators and lawmakers are in large part responsible for people dying.