sick leave

The new sick leave provision prevented 400 coronavirus cases per day per state in the U.S., according to the paper from researchers at Cornell University and KOF Swiss Economic Institute in Zurich. That roughly translates to 15,000 cases prevented in the United States, or one prevented COVID-19 case for every 1,300 workers. The researchers did not look at mortality rates.

Paid Sick Leave Significantly Reduces COVID-19 Cases, Study Finds | HuffPost

Now do Literally Every Other Communicable Disease.

the chicks

The Chicks, formerly known as the Dixie Chicks, are the best-selling female band of all time in the U.S. But they may be known just as much for a comment lead singer Natalie Maines made during the lead-up to the Iraq War — and the outcry that followed, in which the group was virtually banned from country radio. Fourteen years after their last album, the Chicks are back

Leaving Dixie behind, the Chicks get even more personal — and political | PBS NewsHour

Regular reminder that the same political movement that now decries “cancel culture” as an overt liberal attack on free speech worked overtime to cancel this band.


In all, 137 million Americans own stock, either directly or through an investment fund — that’s 15 million more people than voted in the last national election. We can use that position as shareholders to push companies to our long-term interests and our deeper values.

Climate change is not a priority to most companies. Here’s how to hold them accountable. – Vox

It’s a good notion, but it overlooks the fact that most stock ownership outside the top 10% of the nation’s wealthiest citizens, is via 401(k) accounts that individuals don’t exactly have a lot of control over.

lip service

In a striking new sign of the broader role corporations are shouldering in society, Business Roundtable — the CEOs of America’s biggest companies — today announced a raft of initiatives “to advance racial equity and justice.”

Top CEOs admit racial divide, promise to work for “real change” – Axios

Well, to be fair, they’ve only known this was a problem and talked about fixing it for like 40 or 50 years. Let’s see if this turns out like their pledge to value employees and customers instead of just shareholders, though.

public schools

Comprehensive national data aren’t available yet, but reporting by NPR and our member stations, along with media reports from around the country, shows enrollment declines in dozens of school districts across 20 states.

Coronavirus Appears To Be Driving Student Enrollment Drops : NPR

Meanwhile, the wealthy are enrolling their kids in private schools. Yet another way in which we will feel the impact of this pandemic for generations.

all pandemics are local

Though it’s difficult to quantify the effect of declining local news coverage on our capacity to monitor infectious disease, it’s clear that local information is best positioned to prevent outbreaks. “A pandemic starts at the local level,” Madoff says. “The closer you can get to identifying a cluster and outbreak at its origin, the better. The further you get from the local, the bigger an outbreak needs to be before it gets noticed or picked up and the more likely it is to spread.”

The decline of local newsrooms could make it harder for us to detect the next disease outbreak – Columbia Journalism Review

Thank you, Facebook.

needed public transit

Cities urgently need to convince residents that it’s safe to ride public transit if they want to recover from the coronavirus-induced double whammy of dwindling ridership and higher fixed costs.

Public transit faces “existential” challenge after the pandemic – Axios

There hasn’t been enough conversation over the last several months about the necessary role public transit plays and the support needed to keep it operational. And this concern needs to be put in the context of reports the Trump Administration blocked CDC guidelines mandating masks etc on public transportation.


It’s not often that you see a US senator declare that “we’re not a democracy,” let alone to paint that as a good thing. Yet that’s exactly what Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) did in a pair of tweets spanning Wednesday night and Thursday morning, arguing that “democracy isn’t the objective; liberty, peace, and prospefity [sic] are.”

Sen. Mike Lee’s tweets against “democracy,” explained – Vox

No other way to frame this.