junk data

At the heart of the problem sits the data that internet service providers (ISPs) are required to submit to the FCC. The agency’s methodology permits an ISP to count an entire census block—which can encompass hundreds of square miles in rural areas—as “served” if it is capable of providing broadband service to just one resident of that census block.

Trump’s FCC Is Using Junk Data to Downplay Broadband Woes | WIRED

But see, fixing this could help strengthen democracy, which is why they aren’t interested in doing so.

expensive internet

It’s not that people don’t want broadband, it’s that they can’t afford it, a troubling situation that at the very least the government should admit and address. That is, of course, if they’re not focused on helping telecom companies more than consumers.

Source: Many Americans Can’t Afford Broadband, But the FCC Doesn’t Care – VICE