too much signal

More than ever before, we’re using technology to connect with the outside world. And with so many of us now working from home, we’re relying on our phones to stay updated with colleagues and clients. However, when you’re receiving endless Zoom calls and emails, pings on Slack, and notifications from everywhere else, it begins to hinder productivity and focus.

The effect of overcommuncation on your productivity

This has, I imagine, only gotten worse with remote work so prevalent. pro


please move

But now, amid the coronavirus pandemic, more employees are working remotely—and more destinations are offering cash to these workers to relocate. Cities and towns have long offered companies financial rewards for bringing jobs and tax revenues to their region, but now many are turning their attention, and incentives, toward these individual mobile workers.

Cities are offering cash as they compete for remote workers

Now that companies are kinda sorta realizing people can be based anywhere and still be productive, cities are catching on.