In all, 137 million Americans own stock, either directly or through an investment fund — that’s 15 million more people than voted in the last national election. We can use that position as shareholders to push companies to our long-term interests and our deeper values.

Climate change is not a priority to most companies. Here’s how to hold them accountable. – Vox

It’s a good notion, but it overlooks the fact that most stock ownership outside the top 10% of the nation’s wealthiest citizens, is via 401(k) accounts that individuals don’t exactly have a lot of control over.

let us do what we want

Companies across the country say the pandemic is interfering with their ability to comply with laws that protect the public from pollution.

States Face Wave Of Environmental Waiver Requests : NPR

Seems to me if you had systems and processes in place before hand, it wouldn’t be that big of a struggle to keep just not polluting.