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The US Army currently has 10 bases and facilities named after leaders of the Confederacy. Within the next few months, that number could possibly drop to zero.

The racist history behind 10 US Army facilities named after Confederate leaders, explained – Vox

Don’t you?



The U.S. government has granted contracts worth as much as $25 billion as it races to address the COVID-19 public health crisis. NPR reviewed a database of thousands of contracting actions and found more than 250 companies that got contracts worth more than $1 million without going through a fully competitive bidding process.

In U.S. Scramble To Fight Pandemic, Contracts Given Without Full Competition : NPR

Between this and the story that the Treasury Department won’t release the names of companies getting PPP loans, it’s almost like the same people who demand welfare and SNAP reform on the grounds of “waste” and “fraud” aren’t actually as committed to financial responsibility as they claim to be.