any hate speech is too much

Facebook says it’s detecting and removing 95% of hate content before anyone sees it.

Facebook says it prevents 95% of hate speech from appearing

If what makes it through this process really is just 5% of what’s published to the platform, Facebook needs to be shut down in the name of societal health.



Facebook is banning all pages, groups, and accounts associated with QAnon, the company announced on Tuesday, in the most significant action taken against the mass delusion that has seeped into the highest level of American politics.

Facebook Has Banned QAnon

This is great, but Facebook’s enforcement of existing rules and bans leaves a lot to be desired so we’ll see how this actually plays out in reality.

not at all surprising

A 100-page civil rights audit published Wednesday morning lays bare Facebook’s failings, and the auditors conclude that Facebook’s failure “to grasp the urgency” of the situation will have “direct and consequential implications“ on the U.S. presidential elections in November.

Facebook Just Failed Its First Ever Civil Rights Audit

Apparently civil rights isn’t a money-making game for Facebook.